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Wow... No words to describe how talented Julian Arteaga is. We are very proud to present to you this "Welcome to the Team" edit. Enjoy!!

Who is Julian Arteaga?

Thanks to our friend Phil over at Hurley we were able to get session at the private skatepark

trying to escape from the rain.

A day with the Team
Interview with VERB TV

Kordel Caro and Julian Arteaga along with other team members came out this weekend to Fontana Skatepark and got interviewed by VERB TV; a TV show that features mostly the surfing scene. This time it was something different, the Advert BMX team got the opportunity to be featured in the show to talked about the challenges about BMX and how Advert was created and the purpose of it. The show will be releasing mid May so be in the look out for it. . . Itll be a good one.

FREE Beanies

Yes, Its took quite a bit to get them out but they are finally here. The Advert classic beanies are available now in a few different colors; Rusty orange, Grey, Navy and Black. We want you to all have one, so we decided that for every purchase over $49.99 you get a FREE beanie! so shop up the new Advert gear!